Dr. Taisser Atrak

Dr. Taisser completed his education and trained as a doctor in the USA. Moving to Abu Dhabi in 2008, he is currently the Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at Al Mafraq Hospital. In 2013, Dr. Atrak received the Medical Volunteer Award during the 2nd Abu Dhabi Medical Distinction Award (ADMDA).

As a pediatrician, Dr. Atrak is well-known across Abu Dhabi for his concern for the continued safety and wellbeing of all children, not just those who he sees in his medical practice.

He developed an awareness campaign on the safety of children in traffic, at home and at school, which has operated since 2008. This program provides participants with training for basic first aid (PedFACTS), CPR for families and the fundamentals of child car safety.
Dr. Taisser continues to volunteer his time and personally fund the training of caregivers of children such as parents, teachers, nannies and bus drivers on child safety – including first aid. A number of families have benefitted from Dr. Taisser’s campaigns and workshops, which helped them in saving their children’s lives at unexpected incidents which needed quick aid response.
His workshops and lectures are free to attend, and many parents, school teachers, nannies and school bus drivers have benefited from his advice and training. In particular, he has provided first aid and safety training for more than 100 nannies and maids in Abu Dhabi, giving the necessary books and study materials free of charge to all participants.

Dr. Atrak also worked on the introduction of a range of programs and health initiatives on child safety in 2008, which includes the head cooling system for newborns and the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention.

Dr. Taisser works tirelessly to spread awareness of systems for the safety and protection of thousands of children across the Emirate.

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