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The Abu Dhabi Awards honour and recognize individuals who have contributed in building a greater sense of community and social welfare within the United Arab Emirates.

2005 was the inaugural year of the event.

The Awards ceremony took place annually from 2005-2009 inclusive. As of 2011, the Awards became a biennial event.

The Abu Dhabi Awards occur every two years to allow more time for individuals to perform quality deeds, ensuring a consistent pool of potential recipients for consideration.

There are no nomination categories within the Abu Dhabi Awards. Each year, the Awards recognize a diverse array of contributions in areas such as healthcare, education, environment, social welfare, community services, sport, volunteer work... and the list goes on.

The 2022 campaign ended in October 2022. Stay tuned for the next campaign.

The nomination process is simple and designed to take no more than a few minutes.

You can nominate as many people as you like. However you do need to use different nomination forms for each person. Remember, one nomination is all it takes!

No, all information contained in a nomination form is private and confidential.

Since the inception of the Abu Dhabi Awards campaign in 2005, more than 200,000 nominations have been received from the public.

Of course, you should nominate those you feel have made a significant contribution to building and supporting the community within the United Arab Emirates. Go to the recipients section on the website to learn more about past recipients of the Awards and the kind of deeds they have performed that received recognition.

You can browse the website to get more information on the Abu Dhabi Awards. How to nominate

The process is exhaustive. All nominations are reviewed individually and then reported to the Review Committee. The work of the review committee is then evaluated by a Higher Review Committee made up of UAE's leading dignitaries, government officials and industry directors.

The judges sitting on the Higher Review Committee consist of UAE leading dignitaries, government officials and industry directors.

No, the awards are not about casting votes. The recipients are selected solely on the merit of their actions, not on the number of nominations they received. One nomination is enough to receive an award.

The merit of those people nominated will determine the final number of awards given.

The ceremony takes place post the conclusion of the evaluation, and assessment processes.

The ceremony location will be announced at a later stage.

No. The Award ceremony is a private event that is attended by the event patron, the Award recipients and their families, including government leaders from across the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, the event will be televised on Abu Dhabi TV channels and across all Abu Dhabi Awards social media platforms.

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