Abu Dhabi Awards encourages residents to use the Eid period as a time to recognise the good deeds of others

07 Oct, 2007

The Abu Dhabi Awards today announced an extension of its nomination period to incorporate the Eid holiday in the hope of encouraging more people to participate. Citizens and residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including Al Ain and the Western Region, will now have until October 14th 2007 to submit their nominations.

Through the Abu Dhabi Awards, local residents are asked to take advantage of the Eid holiday to remember and honour those who have carried out deeds of extraordinary kindness and generosity for the good of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Since its inception in 2005, the Awards have generated a tremendous response to the call to nominate that has been both heart-warming and exciting. Organizers are hoping for the same response from the residents of Abu Dhabi this year.

Commenting on the Awards, 2006 Abu Dhabi Awards recipient Sana’a Darwish Al Kitby, who was honoured for her leadership role in the Red Crescent, said: “It only takes a few minutes to fill out a nomination form, but the impact it could have may be life changing for the individual you are recognising. This is encouragement for them and others in our community to keep making a contribution. Today, I would like to ask residents of Abu Dhabi to keep the momentum going and help spread these acts of goodness by taking the time to nominate.”

Until the 14th October 2007, people can nominate in the following ways:

  • At any of the 26 manned nomination stations located in popular areas across the Emirate, with volunteers from Takatof on hand to answer any questions (see attached list)
  • At any of the 100 collection boxes located across the Emirate (see attached list)
  • Stopping a roving nomination station when you see it – look out for the Abu Dhabi Awards smart cars
  • Using one of the many nomination forms being delivered to homes across the Emirate. This can be returned by post, fax or by placing them in collection boxes at the nomination stations
  • Using one of the many nomination forms inserted in Etisalat bills across the Emirate. This can be returned by post, fax or by placing them in collection boxes at the nomination stations
  • Registering your nomination on line at www.abudhabiawards.ae
  • Downloading your nomination form from www.abudhabiawards.ae and faxing it to 800 33300 or posting it to PO Box 44442, Abu Dhabi

Once the nomination period closes on October 14th, all nominations will be reviewed and assessed individually.

The winning individuals will be announced at a spectacular Awards ceremony to be held at the Emirates Palace in December 2007 and televised by Abu Dhabi Television.

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