Farah Al Qaissieh

Farah Hashem Al Qaissieh grew up with a stutter, which impacted her ability to communicate with others. She learned firsthand that not being able to speak freely and easily can cause a stutterer to refrain from interacting with others, withdraw from friends and family, and feel isolated within their own community.

Over time, Farah overcame this speech disorder, and worked hard to change how society views a person with a stutter. She embraced her difficulties, referring to her stutter as “just another accent”.

In 2013, Farah launched the “Stutter UAE” initiative, the country’s first support platform where people who suffer from stuttering can meet and interact. This non-profit initiative provides support and resources to people with this disorder, and raises awareness for this speech condition.

In 2016, Farah was featured in the documentary film “Just Another Accent”, which highlighted the challenges of stuttering. The documentary was screened in the short film category at Cannes Film Festival in France.

Farah started her professional career at Mubadala Investment Company in 2011 and currently holds the post of Assistant Manager at Mubadala Emiratization.

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